Web and Graphic Design

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool no Web developer on any level should go with out.  The amount of information that you have access too via Google Analytics will allow you to learn and develop your Websites and marketing campaigns to drive the traffic to your site.

One of the big pieces of Google Analytics is the ability to see where your traffic originates from. This comes in handy when you are working on a social media campaign and can monitor when the traffic picks up and when it is slow. With this valuable information, you can pick when to post your latest information, and have it seen by the largest audience.

Another useful piece of Google Analytics allows you to see how long users visited a particular page. Having access to this information can show you what is keeping their interest, and what is driving them away.

No Website should go with out some sort of analytic software attached to it. The information you receive is invaluable. 

Customer frown on your design?

We have all been there.  You finish a design that you think is awesome and everyone will love.  Someone around you tells you how much they like it.  But then that dreaded look comes across the clients face.  They don’t like it.  Your insides start to turn and you feel that frustrated anger start to boil as they ripe your art to pieces.  STOP. Don’t be mad, be glad you have a client who cares.  All too often you get a client who just tells you to do whatever you think is best.  Every time you send them something they just say it looks great, keep up the good work.  So be glad they have an opinion and care about what their site will look like.  Having a motivated client to work for can only bring the best out of a Web designer. That is how we get better and grow to meet our potential.

Design according to your audience.

Too many times I run into Websites that are aimed at an older, less tech savvy audience. The functionality and effects make things hard to navigate. Text and colors are hard to even see with eye sight that is not what it used to be. So take into consideration who your audience is when creating a site. If it is an informative Website aimed at senior citizens, make sure it is easily accessible to them. Varying text sizes, and simple colors go along way. Save all the crazy jquery and mootools for the kids.

People ignore designs that ignore people.

     -Frank Chimero

Athletes and Nerds

As different as Professional athletes and Web designers appear, they are actually quite similar. Their demeanor may be worlds apart, but their work ethic and persistence run a parallel path. A pro athlete must train daily to keep their body and game in peak condition. A Web designer must practice their craft daily to stay on top of all the latest trends and updates to their world. If either slack in their respective game, they pay for it in the long haul. So if you want to be a professional anything, stay up on what you have to do, the rest will fall into place.  

Need an idea for a Website?

Having trouble when you are trying to figure out where to begin with the design of a Website? You are not the first to come to this issue, nor will you be the last. The key to the matter is stepping away. Go outside and just look and absorb your surroundings. You never know where or when your motivation may come, but chances are it will not show up while staring at your monitor, gripping your mouse with ever increasing aggression.

Google Apps

Tired of having a boring hotmail or yahoo address? Want a custom domain for your email account? Google apps allows you to easily align a godaddy.com bought domain with a gmail email account. Once this is done ,  your gmail address shows up as your custom domain. So, boring@hotmail.com , now turns into awesome@anything.com.

Design should never say, “Look at me.” It should always say, “Look at this.” 

     -David Craib

Using Communities

I would be no where near where I am today without the help of communities. Communities are a wonderful place to go and unload on forums. These forums are open to everybody to join, leading to a huge pool of knowledge. So the next time you seem to have hit that proverbial end of the road, check out some forums. Nine times out of ten someone, somewhere has had your same issue.

All Great Designs Start With Confidence

If you were to scour the World Wide Web and find your top ten favorite Web sites based off design, not content, you would discover they were unique.

The designer went out and did something that was not yet widely used or thought of in the Web design world. The confidence they had in their abilities to attract an audience with their concepts allows them to succeed. So not all great things start with a great idea, rather great confidence.